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Originally Posted by MINI HLK View Post
Is it me or does this really happen. Most the negative comments come from people who own an SS. What is there deal here. They leave negative or flamming comments in a V6 Bolt on Post. Why do they waste our and there time in doing so? Do the moderators really care about this?

Maybe I should take a week off from reading this forum. I appologize in advance for posting this in the bolt on forum. I just dont think the general populas would get it.
It's not just you that notices this. It's blatantly obvious.. Either the mods themselves are mostly SS owners as well or they just don't care. I have flamed/out-witted a few of them and it has always resulted in my posts getting deleted but of course a few of theirs are left behind to give them "the last word."

Their posts don't bother me so much (because truly, if they bought their car to just race their broke ass would not have bought a Camaro in the first place.) The way the posts are handled (or ignored) is what bothers me. But when someone like me raises a stink and gives them a taste of their own medicine that's when posts start to get deleted. All good, I try to stay away from those posts for the most part.
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