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Originally Posted by LS1-Z28 View Post
Berger Panel?? Should I do it...

Also just got back in from fixing my fenders... The common problem from jacking in the wrong spot and making the front fender flare out from the door. 5 minute fix, just take some vice grips to it and pull it towards the car and it lines back up. Looks so much better with it all lined up.
Nah.. NBM won't give you enough contrast and maintaining a flat black paint is very time consuming and a lot of 'watch what you're doing'. My CETA panel has to pat dry and get a coat of detail spray after each wash to prevent scratching.

No clear, no protection. Even on flat vinyl I've heard the issue is the same. TBH I'd try a Sebring Silver/Camaro Silver berger panel and paint your Bowtie and SS badge outlines NBM.

As for the fenders.. I have no clue why people never bother taking the 5 minutes to fix it? Seriously.. there were 4-5 cars at Gratiot (non-club cars that rolled through) and all could have used a little vice grip treatment.
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