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DIY 3D carbon fender vents installed

break out the grinder, man long time since sweetness has been under the knife, ok, what i have here are the 3Dcarbon fender vents, i really like these, very well made, easy to prep, painted very easy, instruction and template are perfect. i started with a extra fender i had, fit is super.

Its so easy a girl can do it , thats my daughter

Got these awesome vents from BilletAnything
Get them here

Update 8-10-11, got the first one in, total time 1 hr 45 min, if you can handle a die grinder or air saw, your in, no problem. dang if my daughter can cut, why cant you, its as easy as it looks. i should be able to knock off 20 min of the other side. again really really easy install, once cut is done, i filed the edges smooth, put some zinc primer on the exposed metal, clean the paint around the edges with alcohal, put on the supplied adhesion promoter. put the double sided tape on the vent and bam, done.... Now since i have vertical doors, i have a very slight clearance issue, but its because my door is slightly in compared to the fender, so i will adjust the doors out a bit to make sure they are even and that should fix the problem. i will do the other tomorrow

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