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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
I believe that package would be known as Z28 . . . and aftermarket systems can give nearly any car 1g in the skidpad.

But from the factory, I would imagine that the Camaro will make better than 0.9g. The current Mustang GT makes something between 0.86 and 0.89 g's from what I've read.
yeah i know the z28 is a special package , but i think they will offer a special package ,like the z51 for vette, for the regular v8 camaro's that arent the z28 models. like the vette has the regular vette and regular shocks, then theres the z06 with beefed up everything , but the middle of those 2 is the vette with the z51 package. vented rotors, different suspension components,tires, and the magnetice shocks. i think the base camaro will have some kind of suspension upgrade package ,that you can buy. and the z28 will have it,or something else, standard on it.

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