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Ph4r's Car - Boobies - Build Thread

Here is my Camaro - Boobies

I am altering her a little at a time, and she will most likely never be complete, but always part of the family. Our family refers to our Camaro as our First Daughter and the Grandparents are soo proud as are we. We now actually have our first Son since 19 May 2012! The Name / Plate BOOBIES / 5318008 comes from the fact that the plate "Topless" was already taken, and she runs around most of the time with her top off!

Since seeing the Camaro Coupe Concept in Detroit in 2006, I felt that GM could bring the power back. When I saw the Camaro Convertible Concept on Detroit in 2007, I decided I would make one mine! Then in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 I nearly drooled over the cars, waiting for the time that one would be mine.

I need to thank my superb wife!! After 5 minutes in the new Camaro, she told me about how she loves me and that car is beautiful and great, but asked when we were getting a new exhaust because she felt it didn't sound like a car fit for her man!

Ordered: 2011-02-14 (Our Valentines Gift)
Built: 2011-03-16 (Built the day before St. Patrick's Day)
Delivered: 2011-05-12

Mods List:
GM Indoor Camaro Car Cover without XM Pocket (Gift from Father-in-law)
**REMOVED**Total Blackout Vinyl Kit (from Forum Sponsor Here)
**REMOVED**Vinyl Bowtie Blackout Kit (from Forum Sponsor Here)
Pencil "C" Gill Vinyls (from Forum Sponsor Here)
QTP Low Profile Electric Cutouts (Local Installer)
QTP Servo Control Module (Local Installer)
20% Tint on Rear and all Sides (Local Installer)
Cupholders!!! Double Rear, and Single Front Passenger (See thread Here)
Home Depot Static Cling Tint Film 35% on the Tail Lamps (Self-Install)
Custom Plate 5318008 (Michigan Secretary of State)
Teknostalgia LED Tail Lamps (from Forum Sponsor Here)
Wind Restrictor "CAMARO" with RED LED and Brake Module! (from Forum Sponsor Here)
Stealth Bulbs Front Turn Signals (Here)
"Strong" MAF Sensor (from Forum Sponsors BeckyD and MaureenM)
Tag Light LED's (from Forum Sponsor Here)
P13W Plasma DRL Lamps - 13Watts, 5000k Color Temp (Here)
Custom "Harness's" for DRL's Always On! - Self Built - 2x 1N4001 Diodes and length of 18AWG Wire with wire taps and lots of electrical tape!
AAC LED Reverse Lights in Clear! from Detroit5thGen
AAC LED Side Markers (from Forum Sponsor Here)
New Custom Underbody Front Tunnel Brace (Welded at work on the cheap)
GM Replacement Top (Installed at Rodgers Chevrolet)
Windshield Tint @ 50% by local installer - they also uninstalled all of the other tint and installed new 20% on rear 5 windows.
Front and Rear Bowties - Painted Black Gloss - by Rodger's Chevrolet!
Front and Rear Blackouts (replaces above Vinyls) - Painted Black Gloss - by Rodger's Chevrolet
D5GCC November 2012 CoTM Trophy
Vararam OTR Intake (No-Tune SS) from Forum Sponsor Here
Vararam LS3 PowerWedge from Forum Sponsor Here
VLED's LED Panels in the Overhead Console Light, and another in the trunk (Here) (3x DIY_6_HP_W_5K, 1x DIY_Y_ADAPT, 2x DIY_BASE_194)

Purchased, awaiting installation:
Custom Radiator Support Brackets for Vararam installation ::
(tried to fit at Vararam Install, but installed Heat Shield would not allow fit, will retry when I clean the filter this spring)

To Come (over time):
Painted Stripes
Custom or GM Orange FloorMats
EmblemPros Underhood Custom Bowtie
Hide Drivers Lock Cylinder
Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads
Dimpled or Drilled Rotors
IOM G2 on Calipers with embedded Vinyls?
Backup Camera?
Power Front Passenger Seat?
Place Center Speaker on a Switch
Upgraded Subwoofer
Performance Plugs and Wires

After Warranty:
Underdrive Pulleys
1-7/8" Long Tube Headers
Hi-Flow Cats or Off-Road Pipes
Relocate CutOuts
Power Adder(s) ????

The first 6 items were installed by Streel Legal Customs and everyone of them was installed poorly but don't get me started on that. I installed all the rest of the items with assistance from my wife. We love this car and plan to keep it in the household for many many years to come. We have a low and slow approach to our mods with about a 8 or so year plan laid out so far to keep the yearly investment down to a manageable level for a small young family.
2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible 2SS RS M6 IOM Vert! IO Interior, Factory Hurst, Painted GFX, Black Rally Stripes, Front/Rear/Bowtie Blackouts, QTP Cutouts, Extra Cupholders!
LED Tails, LED DRL's (always on!), Ghosted "Concept" LED Side Markers, LED Tag Lights, Tinted LED Reverse Lights, Chrome Front Turn Signal Bulbs!
My Build Thread

Daily Driver: 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium with 2 car seats in the back!

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