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Bkscott gets his BC Racing BR Series coilovers!

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of installing a brand new set of BC Racing BR Series coilovers on bkscott's 2010 2ss/rs!

Here's some pics - hoping bkscott will check in and tell us how he likes them!

This our solution to making the rear install look as factory as possible. We went down to Home Depot and found some 2" desk top gromuts normally used for computer and electronic wires. Installing these in the holes for the rear dampening adjustors leaves a professional appearance and protects from bare metal edges.

We dropped it 1" all the way around. Here's how the new stance looks:

Hope you're enjoying the coilovers, bkscott!


For pricing and availability of BC Racing coilovers, don't hesitate to drop us a PM, and for more detailed installation info, check out our install thread here.
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