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EXFLIRT gets her 2012 45th Anniversary Camaro


So I was driving in Orange and decided to stop by Selman Chevrolet and see my buddy Tommy Edrisi (one of the better Camaro Salesman you'll ever meet). As I walk in the show room, I see a Callaway Camaro that was at SEMA last year as well as a Synergy Edition SS and a Synergy Edition LT. Tommy then sees me and tells me that they just received a 45th Anniversary Convertible that belongs to a Camaro5 member. I told him that I think that this might be the first 45th Anniversary in California. I asked him who it was and he tells me that she goes by ExFlirt.

I met ExFlirt at the OC Auto Show last year so it's pretty cool that I get to see her car first. I asked him if he would let me take pictures of the car so that ExFlirt can have them in her car journal. It's a very beautiful car and I'm sure it would look much better once it's washed and detailed.

Congratulations ExFlirt!

Just email me so I can send you the originals.

And now the pictures ....

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Name:  IMG_6519.JPG
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