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Originally Posted by Lenny View Post
Who joins a camaro site to bash a car? Actually, it wasn't like that at all. I've been following these threads for some time. I got an email directing me here and in the very first thread it says:
By Chevrolet's admission, the new Camaro must do more than compete with so-called pony cars--a.k.a Ford's Mustang and Dodge's Challenger. It must reach past aging muscle car enthusiasts to thrive. Chevrolet insists it will do that by chasing buyers who might otherwise choose a Honda Civic Si, a Scion tC or even a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. But most of that work must be done by the Camaro LS and LT.

I had my heart set on purchasing two camaros - one for my son and one for myself. He is in his 20s and wants a ricer - fine... I was just responding to the very first entry here. For someone in his 20s or 30s I'm sure they would purchase this on emotion. For someone in his 50s, I was purchasing for an entirely different reason. I was looking for a well-built retro looking car. I simply told you why I have decided not to buy one. Money is not an issue as I am financially retired. For me, it was a matter of what I would call 50ish male common sense. I looked at the thought process that went into the car and was not impressed. I have owned a lot of cars and I don't care who makes them or where they're made (camaro is assembled in canada and I think many of the engines are made in Mexico). But to see the weight problem, the tire issues (that had to be made by a committee as no one person could be that stupid), the battery location, modifying the cylinders in the V8 to add VCM capabilities, no spare tire... the list was just too long for me to overlook. For those who do purchase the vehicle, I wish them nothing but the best. I own a CTS with the 3.6 and I love it. I wish it had the additional horsepower of the camaro.
I dont think there is anything wrong with making a informed purchase. Using what you know instead of emotion is a good thing. This is part of why i am getting a V6 instead of V8 the 6 is better for me, but my emotion wants an 8. That being said remember something about the weight of the car, has to do with the new safety standards coming into play in a few years and cars will have to be safer= more metal=more weight. There are alot of things that manipulate the auto industry CAFE etc. Just remember GM didnt have to make the Camaro again, they chose to and there will be problems with any car and especially one we all love. So good luck on your import, and the man has every right to complain etc, thats why we are on this forum, to talk about how we feel good or bad. For me I cant wait to have my Camaro.
Long live GM
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