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So this morning, I got on autotrader and saw the dealer down the road had a 45TH A6 SS coupe. Immediately had to go wake the wife up, get the kids dressed, and haul ass down the street to go look at it.

The paint is awesome. It's definitely not as sparkly as you initially see it in the first pics with the promo RS unless you catch it just exactly right in the sunlight...then it takes on a heavy metallic shimmer with a nice dark gray look. Outside of direct light, the car appears black until you are right up on it which then you can see the metallic.

Wheels look sweet in person as well. Wasnt able to get in it, since the dealer was still closed (which was fine, dont like this dealer anyhow).

GM did a great job on this package. Now after seeing it in person, it makes the wait even worse! I want my car!
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