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Awesome car man. I just bought your blank canvas 2SS and love it. Had to go with the automatic due to an injury (kills me to have auto but it's nice to not have an ankle that doesn't look like a softball every night). Traded in an Infiniti G37S coupe and don't miss it.

I'm not planning on getting as adventurous as you did...but I have to do something to the exhaust. Maybe it's due to it being an auto but unless I'm really gassing it the exhaust note is snoresville. I don't want headers but need to do something along the line of an exhaust change out. I changed out the exhaust on an '04 Stang Gt to Flowmasters and an American Racing X Pipe which droned a bit and was too loud. I work in the hotel business so need to not be too loud when I pull into work.

Any suggestions?

Great car man. The parents live in Naples maybe I can swing by and check out the beast in person one day.

'11 2SS.

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