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Hey all, over the past couple months...the site has grown exceptionally quick, I think we've all noticed. For the most part, this is great news. Obviously -- people like our site enough to join. We've had tons of great discussions, and met great new memebers.

But there's the added bonus of some 'wildcards', and some not-so-great topics. More than was around when the site was younger. This is by far in the minority, but we feel it's still disrupting the site to a degree -- and our prime concern is making the site as enjoyable as possible for our members.

So, we (mods and admins) spent some time and developed a new addition to the rules of the site:

Disciplinary Actions:
These rules will be enforced by a simple points-style infraction system:

--If the violation is the person's first infraction, he/she will be given a verbal warning from the moderators/administrators.

--If the violation is the person's second infraction, he/she will have his/her account suspended temporarily for 3 days.

--If the violation is the person's third infraction, he/she will have his/her account temporarily suspended for a maximum 30 day period.

If the member persists with poor behavior/language after the third infraction is given, a permanent ban from the website will be considered by the administration.

The rules and disciplinary actions outlined above are designed solely to improve everyone's stay here. In the end, we're all enthusiasts; so help each other out!
It sounds intimidating at first. But the hard truth of the matter is that this won't effect 99% of you. We did this simply to establish some written proof of the policies we will be implementing from now on.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please post them here. We'll be happy to clarify things for you.
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