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Originally Posted by hv92 View Post
I read somewhere that Rtcat600man has about 200 photos to sort through. We will keep this open for you!! I'm really excited to see some new pics of the it in different surroundings!
No new photos of the ZL1 from the Dream Cruise. I have over 200 photos still to sort and post from Friday. I have another 700 to sort and see what I will post from Saturday. None of the ZL1.

However I can offer the following video taken from a good friend of mine (THANK - YOU JOE.....) I could not be in all places and he made it to the display.

I do have some photos from a couple events I was at this year. So I will re-post those here for all to see.

Milford Camaro Show 2011 (Milford Michgian)

Name:  IMG_7818.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7819.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7820.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7821.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7822.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7823.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7824.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7827.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7828.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7829.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7856.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7859.jpg
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Name:  IMG_7862.jpg
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Camaro Superfest 201 (Ypsilanti, Michigan)
Name:  ZL1 a.jpg
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Name:  ZL1 b.jpg
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Name:  ZL1 c.jpg
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Name:  ZL1 d.jpg
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Name:  ZL1 e.jpg
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