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Originally Posted by compuwiz1937 View Post
I agree, the new steering wheel is definately an upgrade! The old steering wheel felt funny and wasn't round (very obvious when turning the wheel quickly).

The problem with the Pirellis is that they are shit. Replace them with something else when they wear out. Pirellis are the worst tires I've ever owned. I had the PZero on my C55 and the rears lasted 3k miles. I replaced them with Michelins and they've got 7k miles on them now and still have about half tread left. The fronts made it to 8k miles and they were out of round and road horrible so I replaced them with 4/32s tread left with Michelins to get my sanity back.
I have owned a 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera (RUF), 650, h.p, G-50 5-speed for over 20 years now. This thing flies, literally, and with spoilers would be capable of 200 mph, easily. Biggest problem I had was keeping tires and finding a "glass-smooth" ride... I went through many brands of tires... and, then, finally, I went to high-end Yokohamas... they wear very evenly, and are actually long lasting compared to anything else, easily balanced, and glass smooth at speed.

The 2SS PZeros tires are okay. I mean I did buy this 2SS for my wife, and she drives it --- well, sort of like an little old lady would, except that my wife is young, sweet, and gorgeous! So, my point is -- these PZeros will work fine for her.
But, if there is another PZero failure anytime soon, GM will be buying a new set of Yokos, or else!
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