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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
I've said it before....

Pete, sometimes you scare me....
Relax, we have everything under control. As an officer in the Rebel Force you should know you are safe and under steady leadership, until that iron and steel began to ooze out of my pores. That is when I scare my self. When that happens, everyone should be scared.

My family has a history of being patriotic. Grandfather Dusan was a Serbian Patriot that assassinated the Arch Duke Ferdinand, His Brothers were Kings Guards for King Peter, My father and brothers all enlisted for WW II. My father was a dive bomber, Uncle Nick in th OSS, Uncle Tony in the South Pacific Islands. My Uncle Pete in Iran. My Uncle Nick (mother's side) Paratrooper Italy and France. All were highly decorated. There storeis they would tell on those rare days they talked where awful. From my first hand accounts there was no level of courtesy or political correctness in the battle fields.

Growing up a steel mill kid was a huge influence in my life both good and bad. Over the years I have tried to calm down those in my past that call for a tight close quarters rightcross right to settle an issue. There is a simple elegance in that. For the most part, a stern look works and I walk away .Other days, people lack the common sense to walk away. As my blood roils, I swear they see the old ghosts that walk with me as I am not an intimidating guy, but they run from something.
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