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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Are you sure you didn't grow up on the Southside of Chicago where men are made of iron and steel?
Nope, never even been to Chicago, Working offshore isn't for sissies though... there are some guys out there that wont say a word, they'll just lay you out when you do or say the wrong thing.. then they'll help you up and either you get with the program, or look forward to it again... I could whine but no one would listen, and it doesn't beenefit me any at all... so, I'll wince a lil bit and get on with life...

Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
I hear the only difference between Chicago and south Texxezz.. the Texxenz tell you. "Have a nice day" after they pound you
It's "Have a nice day now ya hear..."
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