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Originally Posted by Zeroburn View Post
The car is going to marlow heights unless I can have them switch it to bethesda but the thought of getting it anywhere near those MORON drivers in bethesda sounds crazy. They are getting 2 in the 1st shipment. my 2SS and 1LT I believe.

In no way do I mean to sound conceited when I say this but after I get the car before you guys do if you want i'd be happy to meet up with any fellow camaro enthusiasts. I know how hard it is to want the car so bad but to not have seen it or sat in it yet.

I went to a auto show and 5ft was the closest I could get to the car, not exactly ideal.

I plan on taking her out of town for 4 days as soon as I get it 16-20 of april(assuming all goes well and I get it.) Other then that id love to meet up and talk camaro.
I'll keep everyone updated with whatever info I get.

Anyone expecting theirs soon? status level 3400+ anyone?
Mine was at 3000 last week. Keep us informed about delivery. Maybe we can hook up with a cold one!! It'd be nice if I had mine!! Ameila's should be here soon too.
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