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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
The First Fest was in Ga, and the second one was in Phoenix... At both Fest there were people from as far away as Alaska in Georgia, and as far away as the Oshawa Canada area in Phoenix... That drove their Camaros...

The Fest III will be in ________ (to be announced), on the following dates...
____, ____ and ____ of _______ 2012...

If you go to Camaro Fest III location thread, there is a rebellion force that is trying to determine the location and dates of the next Fest, but nothing yet...

And you read about the fun but it is no comparison to how fun it actually is... Welcome to Camaro5...
lol thank you! I have actually been a Camaro5 member for a little while now but i just never really looked into it. i mainly just asked technical questions.
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