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Originally Posted by =Stephens= View Post
I had this issue also., what I did was rebalance my wheels 3 times. It ended up being, that the wheel balancing machine needed to be re-callibrated. And now I don't have any vibrations at any speeds. I have after market wheels too.
My ride only has 6900 miles on it, and my dealership is in the oppisite direction of my emplyoer. I hate going to the dealership even though mine is great. I got tired of waiting around for you guys to figure this out so I took it to the dealership.

I didn't have to have mine balanced 3 times Stephens, only 2 times. FINALLY no more vibes. Dealership road forced balanced, checked run-out finding no problems. Went for a test drive, problem was slightly worse. Told them to do it again, problem gone! Weight must have fell off the first time. Smooth as silk.

The above 70 mph vibration issue in the seat and sterring wheel is a balancing issue. Hope this helps someone else out there.
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