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Originally Posted by bob vogel View Post
did your car make this noise all the time or just when it goes to a lower gear?
Even in nuetral, out of gear, car off. It just has to roll. Doesn't matter what gear it was ever in.

Originally Posted by MMC View Post
Have you ever removed anything in the drive line that could be out of alignment left to right? Carrier bearings also see the movement of yaw.
Nope. The entire tranny back to hubs are 100% stock and never taken off for anything.

Originally Posted by DietCoke View Post
There is no need for further discussion. If the shaft is angled, his center carrier is upside down. Nothing else can cause this.
Is that even possible to do?

Either way, there's no way it is. It would take one really inept person on the factory assembly line. Probalby several.

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
This was the best I could find and the owner has the BMR cradle inserts. Differential movement takes place under hard acceleration. Look to the left and you see the suspension with a lot of movement.

I don't think the differential had anything to do with the bearing going bad. But I dunno. I'm a guesser.
So the guy at the shop was right about the joint only flexing on acceleration and driving.

I guess I should define angled a bit better.

It wasn't extreme by any means. It was just higher in the biddle. But barely. Just enough to notice with the naked eye. He was talkng 3 degrees. and thinking it should be at zero or one degree.
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