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Originally Posted by Drago77 View Post
the pix are progressive, the final driver side is significantly better than the original. Still a gap, but liveable. Ofer sent me weatherstripping pieces, but the FL heat melted the adhesive... I ended up buying more and that really set the pass side nicely, even though the center still falls as the clips pull in, even with ample spacers.

Ofersuggested a light tint on the ends, that may work- as long as it doesn't change the hue... compared to the original pix, that's a very minor issue to contend with!

Can't believe I snapped a tube in the door, those things are brittle! Luckily it went together fairly well, so its not too much of an issue, lol!
You can pick up some weather stripping from Home Depot. Did you ever see the little video I put together on how to do it? It's in the ABL section. I can link it if you'd like. But, I have video and pulled apart the passenger side dash showing how it was done.

You could also try a permanent marker on the ends. Black them out so no light comes through.
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