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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
I have a '73 Z28, it's midnight blue....I want a new IBM blue. I sold myself that a ZL1 was going to have to be a compromise for me. This thread, you guys, GM info (*reading into whats been said) and all the time inbetween the release of the initial information and this inane waiting has made me understand what I really wanted, a matching bookend IBM Z28, not ZL1. I will drop 60 K on exactly what I want, if that is what a Z28 will cost, so be it. What's a real shame is that there is sooo much wait and see between the big two, especially on Chevy's end. It is taking Chevy how much time to get the ZL1 out? Please don't explain to me about what they have been saying to defend their position, it's all been said before, and I bought into it too. Sorry, I don't want to keep having to buy into the company party line about all the testing and validation. They spent less time on the Saturn V rocket for cryin out loud. Put the freakin thing out there, sell what you can, build the gosh darn Z28 without all the delay and dilly dally. Heck, for decades they weren't so concerned about the end product, now these babies are hot again and they are draggin their feet. Creating hype to sell a product. Look, for us older peeps with the spendable income to buy these outlandish models they don't need no hype. They aren't going to sell a ton of 'em anyway because of the cost. I don't wanna be the guy thinking "geez, I really want a Z28 but I gotta buy a ZL1 'cause that''ll be it", then oingo boingo a Z-28 comes out a year later. I am an old guy and running out of time, sorry for my rant and impatience but I will be patient even longer because I won't be all pent up and agitated waiting for something I really want rather than wait for something I convinced myself I wanted and made a compromise on. I'm officially off the fence. I just want a low rider, stiff and harsh suspension, gearing and rubber to match with a stick and a big arse N/A motor, with kick butt stereo sat radio...I want to wind and twist at high RPM's while blasting the radio. I'm not hard to please, plush and cozy ain't my sig pic say's it all......
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