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Originally Posted by SilverTurtle View Post
not to be a fuddy duddy to those thinking that the gas cap might be on top, but this is going to be a global car, so the possibilty exists that the filler door will be on the passenger side of the car for left drive variants... this has been the case on other "global" cars from GM, Ford and Chrysler in the past... just a thought, though, no promises that that is correct.
Not to knock your reasoning, but I have looked at many cars and trucks and it seems that no matter where they are built or sold, the Gas cap is located opposite the side where the exhaust is located on single exhaust versions.... The Sky is sold in other countries, as the Opel GT (Europe) and Daewoo (Korea) and the gas cap is on the driver's side.. the HHR is not sold in other countries, and the gas cap is on the passenger's side...
Of course we don't know for sure if the Camaro will come with any versions that have a single exhaust (I say probably the entry level V6 will).
We do know it is not behind the license plate or on the rear panel
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