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I think its fine if you go through with a transformers theme. If you dont like it, dont do it to your car and quit b!tching about those who do. However, IMO the actual physical car is very easy to over-do. Sure, you can name it after a transformer, just dont cover your car in badges and throw a bunch of stickers on everything. I wanted subtle hints on the cars theme, which is decepticons. However, I didnt want people to think a twelve year old decorated my car. So all I did was my bowties. Nothing else. I know what happens when you put the cars theme on everything. It looks like sh!t and makes the owner look like a tool. I test drove a 2011 Subaru Sti. After we got done driving it, we counted 12 "sti" logos on the exterior alone, and 9 on the interior. This is one of the reasons I like my SS so much. It says "SS" twice on the outside, and 3 times on the interior. Its not shoving the idea down your throat, it just gives subtle hints that the car is not a base model (no offense to LT drivers). Pic related, its my bowties:

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