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Originally Posted by rray200 View Post
I've been to the Dodge Challenger forums and Dodge forums. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing in Leftlane news. I guess since they're building it on a shortened wheelbase of the Chrysler 300C chassis, they're confident that they don't need to make alot of changes or test the car too much. Not a good strategy in IMO. At least GM is working hard to get the car right. That's good sign. More testing=fewer bugs in production version.
Well....Dodge wants the Challenger to invoke old emotions of the original car. So that's why when the Challenger and Camaro came out I said, "Wow the Challenger looks AWESOME. It's just like the original. "

I didn't have the same first impression of the Camaro, however after looking at both of them completely. The Challenger is nothing more than a "copy" of the 1970 version, and it has no where to go stylistically (is that a word?). However, upon 2nd looking at the Camaro is saw similarities to the 67-69 Camro, but I also knew that this is a car that can evolve over a period of time. It's not just a 3yr model them "Uh, where do we go from here?" kind of thing.

As far as testing, the platform/engines have already been tested. Just because we haven't seen spy-shots doesn't mean they aren't testing.
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