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Did some work today, finished removing the old engine, few shots of misc and shit laying around my garage. I work full time (army) and do all my own work at my own pace, so appreciate that this isn't a big shop build with a lift and air tools. Craftsman baby. Here are a few shots from today, including the offending cylinder/piston in the old motor.

The majority of the scarring is literally right on top of the first ring. What could conveniently fit there. A burnt off electrode perhaps? My conjecture is the cyl got hot, burned up the plug, the molten electrode fell, cooled, ended up flopping around until it got stuck between the piston and cyl wall, right above the ring. I believe it got stuck there, and went for a ride all around trapped between the cyl and cyl wall. It's the only thing I can honestly think of that could have caused the cyl markings the way they are. Pics look ugly, but they aren't deep at all. Rod journals look brand new. Rod bearings look brand new. Rods look brand new. 7/8 of the pistons look brand new. Thankfully this means my short block is still worth some coin, which will contribute handily towards the new setup. Stock pistons are coated. Who knew.

Rear suspension and DSS/Hendrix axles, just hanging out. BMR Drag bar!

The offending piston

The offending piston

A good cylinder (crosshatch)

The offending Cylinder

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