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Originally Posted by Mr CLuTcH View Post
WOW! That is my wet dream! So those seats only weigh about 24 lbs a piece! Anyone know what the stock SS front seats weigh together? And what about the stock weight of the back seats? I think I heard from Ultimate Factories, the seats in the front weigh in at about 200lbs together. Can someone get me some accurate info!? I want to replace my 2 front seats and remove the back seats all together, I think that would translate into some great performance! If the two front seats totaled about 200lbs and 200lbs for the back, you'd be shedding over 400lbs!

Dunno if the numbers are accurate though.
From other members on here these are rough

Front Driver Seat 57 lbs
Front Pass Seat 48 lbs
Back Seat 34 lbs
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