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Dangeruss LSX 427 build by ARD

ARD got started on my LSX this weekend, and they let me come in and watch. Some of you know I already have a Whipple, nitrous and a 4L80 transmission. I was making over 600RWHP (700RWHP on nitrous), but we knew we were at the limits of the block. I wanted more power and's what we're going with.

- GMPP LSX Block (bored to 427)
- Wiseco Pistons
- Callies Rods
- Callies Crank
- LS3 Ported Heads
- Manley Valves, Springs, Titanium Retainers, Locators
- Comp Cam - Duration: 227/243 - Lift: 614/624 - LSA: 114
- ARP Studs
- 85 LB Injectors
- LS7 Lifters
- Comp Cam - Duration: 227/243 - Lift: 614/624 - LSA: 114
- Rollmaster Double Timing Chain
- Meling Oil Pump
- Oil Cooler
- MSD Plug Wires
- NGK Spark Plugs

For a list of all my mods, here's a link to my build thread.

Here are some pics from yesterday. I'll update this thread as we go along.
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