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Fantasy Z28 (help from BMW?)

There's a report out today saying that GM and BMW may join forces, with GM sharing the Voltec technology and BMW supplying gas engines to GM.

People automatically, and for good reason, figured that the engines would be for Cadillac.

However, what if GM commissioned BMW to build an engine for the Z28?

Seeing as how the V8 wouldn't be a Chevy V8, maybe a significant number of cubic inches isn't important, but just for the sake of doing so, I picked 283.

283 cubic inches is 4.6 liters. BMW currently has a 4.0L V8 making 414HP/295 lb-ft. Extrapolating these figures to a 4.6L engine would yield ~470HP/340 lb-ft.

I'm not even sure if BMW can enlarge their 4.0L V8, and if they can, if they would to throw it in a Camaro. This is also why I pick 283, and not 305 or 327, because I figure if they can enlarge it, they probably can't do so by a liter or more.

This engine would be almost ideal for a Z/28, at least for those who see the Z/28 as the road racing version of the Camaro.

Thoughts? I'm sure there will be plenty of protest in using a BMW engine in a Z28. It would probably cost way too much as well. Hard to sell 470HP/340lb-ft to people if it costs as much as a ZL1 with 580/566.
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