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-6 Airbags (Side Curtain, Seats, dash) (-33 pounds)
Dash removed, lightened, tubular steel loop cut off of cross brace, cross brace lightened, sound deadening removed from backside of FW (-30 lbs)
Removed rear belts and brackets, and sheet metal holding bracket mounts (-20 pounds)
Weld RT-S & tires (-85 pounds)
Headers/X/Dumps at axle for weight (-60 pounds)
Tubular front crash support (-19 pounds)
Tubular rear crash support (-16 pounds)
!Evap (9.7 pounds, not including evap line, which I left in)
!A/C (75 pounds)
!Junk Block Oil Cooler/Heater, unnecessary (-7 pounds)
Lightweight Billet clutch (-12 pounds)
Sound deadening removed from under seats, backseats, trunk, including hood/trunk liner (-8 pounds)
Braille battery (-24 pounds)
Wipers/Wiper Motors (9 pounds)
Windshield Washer Tank + Pump and lines (4 pounds)

412 pounds so far. I've got another 20 pounds in coilovers, and 20 more in lightweight brakes, but those are extremely expensive per pound, so may be a while. Looking inside the car, you cannot tell anything has been removed. I'd like to go to lexan back glass, which should save another 30 pounds, but again, expensive.

Add an additional 52 pounds for track days, with removal of pass. seat and back seat. They're normally in the car, so I dont count them. That's 464 pounds total. I also suppose I could remove more material behind the dash (there's 300 pounds of shit there on a stock car), but I'm satisfied with what I got out of it for not too much work, given that it is still a very comfortable car, and I enjoy the radio, heater, defroster, etc. It's not a daily driver anymore (though it is just as comfortable as a stock car) and air conditioning is pointless here in northern WA, I never used it anyway, though I have all the components in the garage corner for if I ever move back south.

From the thread I just made in drag racing and copied here.
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