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Originally Posted by CSM088 View Post
Hey new 2012 LFX owners - can we get some updates!? Excited to hear about how this thing performs, and sounds, and your overall impressions. Can someone snap a video with decent audio of the exhaust?

EDIT: Found this:

(still want to hear whatever's new with your cars)
I love my 2012 LFX! Im just over 500 miles so I'm still breaking it in lol! The car handles great and has plenty of power to get going. The exhaust note Is a little tame from the drivers seat ( for my taste ) but thats nothing an mrt 2.0 won't fix! Once I get it over a thousand miles I'll run it out and give you an update. She needs a wash now so after that I will film an exhaust clip and post a link here for you. As far as the new stuff goes, it's nice not to have paid extra for the hands free controls and bluetooh stuff one less mod to do! I just think gm should have included the pdim to complete the package. Also having cruise control with my 6 speed is nice
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