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I have been a mechanic professionally for 26 years, and several years before that as an amateur. I have probably $50-$60k invested in tools. Yes the Craftsmen ratchets are garbage, but for the most part it's hard to fault their sockets, or wrenches, especially when you can "modify" them to do a very specific job, and then return them, without question, for a free replacement. Or return them because they're ugly, burnt, bent, scratched, or peeling, again without question. I use Gearwrench ratchets, also lifetime warranty, 5 degree ratchet action, and the most comfortable grip ever, I have yet to break one (even the flex head), and at about the same price as a Craftsmen "premium" ratchet. So I hate when people start bagging on "crapsmen" stuff, I do own a few Snap-on wrench sets, pliers, torx drivers, and specialty automotive tools. As a general rule they are ridiculously expensive ($38 for a single, standard length, 15MM combination wrench, really?), I have a full set of Gearwrench ratcheting flex-head wrenches, in both metric and standard from 8mm to 25mm, and 5/16" to 1-1/8", those are my favorites, use them everyday, never had a complaint about em, lifetime warranty, and still half the price of Snap-on. Snap-on tools are great tools, but there are comparable tools out there for less money. Cornwell makes fantastic tools, slightly less money than Snap-on, Mac, and Matco, are also comparable and still cheaper. So if you're hung up on the name, by all means buy them! If you're interested in good tools with a lower price tag, do your research, there are plenty of other options out there.

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