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Originally Posted by TT C6 View Post
What blower are they using on the LS3 ???

I hate to say this, but I would have to agree.
Buyer beware.
I bet it's a new 1900 Maggy'.

I could've swore I read in a post buy one of the Maggy' guys, on another forum, that he's running 8 psi with a TVS 1900 and got 475 to the tire. Maybe Hennnnneeeesssseeeeyyyy is running a 2300 at low boost. That would almost make sense, as that 8 psi TVS 1900 would be making probably around 550 at the flywheel.

Meh - I'd just find me a TVS 1900/2300, catback, maybe upgrade the OEM rotors (if that's even necessary) and a tune and call it a day. Like you guys are saying - you're paying for the name. If that's what ya' like, all the power to ya'.
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