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Originally Posted by CSM088 View Post
Ven, is the passenger's seat 6-way adjustable? Like, can you manually increase the height like the driver's seat?

Also, did you ever drive the LLT? I can't remember if it was you that said they had actually test drove both at some point. Just looking for a comparison between the feel of the cars. I don't really expect much, though one guy did say he felt the LFX seemed smoother at high RPM's.
The passenger power contr Only adjusts the seat back postion, since I'm never on that side I really hadn't noticed lol! I test drove the llt and don't think I had enough time with it to make an accurate comparison, I will say that I haven't had an issue with shifting from 1st to 2nd like most have. This v6 does outshine any previous v6 that I have owned, however I feel that it feels lacking in torque a bit. Hopefully a few mods can push me into the seat a little better but for now I've already started prepping for my first cosmetic mods, hopefully by January I can have an intake and exhaust in.
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