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Mid-Atlantic Camarovan updated with hotel info Aug 1 stay

This is the MID-ATLANTIC CARAVAN to C5Fest3. Who is going?

If you are going, or even feel like you want to go and can hook up please let me know. I will add the name to the list. We will come up with a route and stopping points. There will be many caravans coming from all parts of the country. We can meet up with a few and join caravans to make our entrance memorable...

Here is the list of attendeed so far! I will update as we go. This is going to be an awesome event. 11 hours can be done in one day or two. We have chosen two days with a stop in Dayton Oh on August 1st. We will depart August 2nd at 10 am to Lucas Oil Raceway, which is about a three hour ride. We will meet up with all caravans or groups coming down I70 from points north, south, and East. Feel free to reserve rooms at the hotel udsing our group for a great group rate. Let me know if you want to travel with us.

Event info thread:

pre-registration thread:

C5Fest3 section Mid-Atlantic thread:


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Link to Autocross registration: Post in here if you want to register for autocross or drag racing. Let them know which event you will participate in.

Hotel info is listed below for those wanting to get a room the night of August 1st. This hotel is located about 2.5 hours out from Indianapolis, and it is situated on I-70 right after the I-75 junction. I figure this will be a great location to group with other caravans and make a grand entrance into Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Raceway.

The hotel is a large hotel with plenty of rooms and a huge parking area with security. They will arrange police patrols through the lot as well for security of our rides. She has started us with 40, and will increase as we go over. Any travelers can reserve to this group if you are going to LOR. Judy Snell is the coordinator. She has given us the ability to cancel room reservations by 6pm the night of our stay. If you feel you will be going and you want to get a room with the group, or if you are with another group and want to stay and hook up with our group, call and book a room. The room info is listed below. The group rate will be guaranteed until they run out of rooms, so book early if you can. There are 15 rooms left to book in the hotel as of July 13th.. Due to there location and the amount of travelers, I can see these rooms and the hotels in the area booking up fast. Book as soon as you can, and if plans don't work you can back out up to 6pm on August 1st, the night of our stay. I look forward to meeting up with everyone soon...

Holiday Inn-Dayton Airport
10 Rockridge Road • Englewood , OH 45322
Phone: 937-832-1234, ext. 7151 • E-mail: • Fax: (937) 832-3548

Reservations: Individual call-in: Rooms are available now to reserve.

Please have all expected guests make their reservation and guarantee their room with a credit card by calling (937) 832-1234 or 1-800-holiday. They may also visit our website at All guests shall refer to the group name of: Mid Atlantic C5 Camaro Club to insure the quoted rate. All rooms must be guaranteed prior to the inventory return date to insure room availability.

Travel itinerary
FREDERICKSBURG GROUP: Depart Spotsylvania Mall Costco, 3102 Plank Rd Fredericksburg Va 22407 @7am sharp, August 1st. (point person edog/blackhawk6/cruznSS)
Winchester meeting point for group is @Full House Cycles-100 full house dr. Winchester Va 22603 depart at 8:30 to merge area. Fredericksburg Caravan will Arrive in winchester Va@8:35am to 8:45am merge location US 522 & Rt37. (SHREDDER)
HAGERSTOWN GROUP Depart Longhorn Steak House @Prime Outlets Mall, 1000 Prime Outlets Boulevard, Hagerstown MD 21740 @9am sharp. Head out on I70w to Han**** MD I-70w & US-522. Meet with Fredericksburg group. (point person....bhillakaiceberg)
Fredericksburg group arrive in Han**** Md intersect with I70-I68-us40 @ 9:45-10:00am. Meet group from Hagerstown (point person EDOG/BHILLAKAICEBERG/BLACKHAWK6/CRUZNSS)
Depart Hanc_ck heading w on i-68-us40 at 10:15am
Arrive at junction i68-us40-us219 around 11:15am to 11:25am merge location (Point person MSDALE)
exit i-68 onto us-40nw towards uniontown Pa.
Arrive in Uniontown PA between 12pm and 12:30pm...Break for gas/lunch/meet each other. (point person MS3DALE)
Depart uniontown PA @2pm
arrive at intersection of us43 and I-70 @2:30pm & 2:40pm. merge location (need point person)
Arrive at intersection I-70w & I-79N @2:55pm and 3pm. merge location (need point person)
Arrive at intersection I-70w & I470W just before Wheeling @ 3:20 to 3:30pm rest area merge location (need point person)
Arrive at intersection I-70w & I-77N @ 4:30pm merge location (need point person)
Arrive at intersection I-70w & I-270 on west side of Columbus Oh @5:30pm to 6:15pm (allot for rush hour traffic) rest stop merge area. (need point person)

Arrive at Holiday Inn Hotel in Englewood OH @7pm to 7:15pm barring major issues or events. Dinner at Hotel hang in parking lot/pool getting to know everyone!
The hotel is just outside Dayton OH, on I-70W just after I-75. This is a full service hotel with restraunt/lounge/pool...etc.
I have buffered time in, so if everything is smooth, we will be there earlier. I believe we can make the 7:15 time at worst case.[/B]

We will depart from the Holiday Inn @ 10AM on August 2nd heading to LOR

When signing up, please post where you will be joining the Caravan at. This will help us get an idea on how many people at the merge areas. I will post it by the username.

Those who have communicated they reserved a room in Englewood OH are in BLUE If I missed someone PM me so I can get you on the list.
Those who are meeting in Dayton Oh will be in color GREEN so I can keep it straight...LOL

1. Edog - Fredericksburg Va
2. Jonm38 - Fredericksburg Va
3. Infern0 - Fredericksburg
4. Ordieman - Va Beach/Fredericksburg Va
5. 73 Camarolt - Hagerstown Md
6. theSnoopster - Fredericksburg Va
7. Awesome_SS - Va Beach/Fredericksburg
8. cruznSS- Va Beach/Fredericksburg Va
9. smokescreen - Fredericksburg Va
10. RxDoc08 - Fredericksburg Va
11. Whitenite - Fredericksburg Va
12. bhillakaiceberg- Hagerstown Md
13. Jus1dab - Fredericksburg Va
14. CM5217 - Dayton Oh
15. LWM - i66/17
16. LWM's better half w/ Vette i66/17
17. blgens
18. Ravener
19. GreeneSteve - Hagerstown Md
20. Z4me - Hagerstown Md
21. Jabs
22. Darth_Emma - Dayton Oh
23. 5th GenCamaroKid - cant make it
24. Blk-Ice
25. Nvincent4708
26. Blackhawk6 - Va Beach / Fredericksburg
27. Road Rage
28. myold88 - Hagerstown.
29. ssrsheaven
30. Emin7
31. Inferno Orange 2SS-RS - Winchester Va
32. c_LoW 29 - Hagerstown Md
33. MS3DALE - Uniontown PA
34. chevy3 - I70W or Dayton Oh?
35. NFERGY 2011 RJT
36. xSSkier874 - Columbus OH or Dayton OH?
37. VTinHokie85
38. cliffordj - Va Beach - Fredericksburg Va
39. atma - Hagerstown
40. TRIPWIRE - Hagerstown Md
41. AdventurerJim
42. stieger - Will drive ahead
43. Williasd - Wont be able to attend
44. Top Thrill - Va Beach, Va - Fredericksburg Va
45. camaro2lt
46. scottc
47. pbretelson - Dayton OH
48. 20sonlt
49. Angella - Fredericksburg Va
50. chevyluv7 - Va Beach/Fredericksburg
51. bmorecam!!!!!cannot communicate through PM?
52. Jewle25 & aSSian - Hagerstown Md
53. Alex
54. RUMBLBE - i-66 & us17
55. SinisterEcho - Hagerstown MD
56. VADR_H8R
57. MudderFinger - Will travel with other group
58. smkeeling - intersection of I-66 & US-17 heading towards Front Royal.
59. 40AGAIN - Fredericksburg Va
60. mwt18 - Hagerstown Md
61. 2 2
62. 2010camaross
63. Grimlock
64. Sneakypete - Fredericksburg Va
65. Bill F - Hagerstown Md
66. dorfmac - Hagerstown Md
67. mrbrans5 - Canada - Dayton Oh
68. 010 Camaro SS - Canada - Dayton Oh
69. tpower - Canada - Dayton Oh
70. Brad&Dianne - Canada - Dayton Oh
71. ripcard - Canada - Dayton Oh
72. Ladyblack /camaroblack - Canada - Dayton Oh
73. itsorange - Fredericksburg Va
74. MY1STCAMAR0 - Fredericksburg Va - intersection of I66w & us17N?
75. hisinc - Fredericksburg Va
76. HINEY1 - Canada - Dayton Oh
77. Luckynuts - Canada - Dayton Oh
78. Emma - Winchester Va
79. Shredder - Winchester Va
80. velociSSimo - Columbus Oh
81. Rickey - Dayton Oh
82. RickRay - Canada - Dayton Oh
83. Camarorick - Canada - Dayton Oh
84. Christcringle - Canada - Dayton Oh
85. camaro4mybday - possible
86. RaayRaay - Canada - Dayton Oh
87. sugar'n'spice - Canada - Dayton Oh
88. Allanski - Canada - Dayton Oh
89. BOSS_HOSS - Canada - wont make it deploying
90. Mercuryman - Canada - Dayton Oh
91. Blade - Canada - Dayton Oh
92. DGthe3 - Canada - Dayton or driving ahead?
93. MustangKiller - Hagerstown Md
94. FIREICE11 - Fredericksburg Va
95. insidethreat07 +2 cars, Dayton Oh
96. Original_Slae
97. Sourmug
98. John Deere Boy, Centerville IN
99. qtr-camaro ss, I66w & 17N? not looking good, keep the faith
100. SSSoon - Charlottesville Va - RT17 & RT29 Just before Warrenton Va
101. Lee0123567 - Canada - Dayton Oh
102. Fragnarok - Charlottesville Va - rte 29 and rte17N
103. ParkerB57...after leaving Dayton OH
104. 1hotzl1
105. Wiley~Coyote - Norfolk - Fredericksburg
106. 1FAST SS - Dayton OH
107. markssylver - Fredericksburg Va?
108. DoxieSS - Fayetteville NC- Fredericksburg Va
109. tnspd - Fayetteville NC - Fredericksburg Va
110. 67motorcat - Fayetteville NC - Fredericksburg Va
111. fnsyz69 - Va Beach - Fredericksburg Va
112. F5ABM, CONO - Dayton OH
113. OHOISS, CONO - Dayton OH
114. PIKSKIP, CONO - Dayton OH
116. Spillz - I66W & 17N
117. AdamZ - Dayton Oh
118. Smoke_over_fire - Fayetteville NC - Fredericksburg Va
119. stikSS - Fayetteville MD - Fredericksburg Va
120. JLS3rd - CONO -Dayton Oh
121. Kevin1106 - Fredericksburg Va
122. LuvGen5 - Dayton Oh
123. mxracer - Dayton Oh
124. TLSTWIN - Dayton Oh
125. compudiva - Hagerstown Md
126. wes67 - Hagerstown Md
127. TESSA - ?
128. LuvGen5 - Dayton Oh?
140. Can we hit this number?

Thank you Terry for working so hard to get these rates! For those meeting in Fredericksburg Va on July 31st and departing at 7am on the 1st of August to C5Fest3.

Fairfield Inn Fredericksburg‎ for the night of July 31st
10330 Spotsylvania Avenue Fredericksburg, VA 22408

(540) 891-9100

As of today they have 18 King rooms and 32 Doubles available on the 31st of July

All $88 per night plus tax

Group Name would be Camaro5

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