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Originally Posted by trudawg660 View Post
i have already matched it with an amp, its a little on the pricy side am not buying it from here though i know their items are way over priced

And i know its alot of extra weight but i doubt i will be racing too much......unless i see a mustang
That's a really good amp. The nice thing about these, is if you plan on having two or three amps, you can stack these units on top of each other and save a LOT of space.

Originally Posted by 1_2Many View Post
Nice amp...that'll do the trick. I used to rock this Earthquake D2 until I had a flat tire and let the speaker wires touch the trunk lid of my Lexus. POOF it went.
That will definately do the trick. You sure you didn't just pop the fuse on the amp?

Originally Posted by trudawg660 View Post
you have to be careful when buying a amp because they will advertise that you are getting 1000 watts and you are really getting 400 rms at 2 ohm and 150 rms at 4 ohm and you drive up to someone thinking you have the best shit in the world, and come to find out my tweeters are louder than your subwoofers.
These days, when purchasing an amplifier just look for the tag that says "CEA-2006 Compliant." This tag indicates that the company adheres to this "voluntary" standard that advocates a uniform method for determining an amplifier's RMS power and signal-to-noise ratio.

Originally Posted by WildBeast15 View Post
look at ohm ratings when buying a amp if its 1000 at 1 ohm what is it at 2 or 4... it will decrease but will sound better in the long run...
A lot of amps are that way. Most will be rated for 1000 watts x 1 at 2-ohms but go down to 500 watts x1 at 4-ohms. That Alpine somehow is rated for 1000 watts x1 at both 2 and 4 ohms, which is handy.
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