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Originally Posted by mark2526 View Post
I maybe barking up the wrong tree here, but way was it so hard for GM not to name it Z28.

This wasn’t the right car for the Z28 name. In the opinion of most, Z28 should be a lighter weight (probably naturally aspirated) car focused on track performance - for example, a car with more horsepower than SS but equal or lighter in weight with superior suspension at a cost between SS and what ZL1 will be. ZL1 is heavier and supercharged and not really in line with the Z28 name. The Z28 should also be cheaper than what the ZL1 will cost. ZL1 – competitor to GT500; Z28 – competitor to Boss 302. The ZL1 name just fit this car.

IMO if GM had released the Z28 first, everyone would automatically compare it to the GT500 anyway and call it a failure asking if that was the best GM could do to compete with the GT500. GM had to release the ‘big dog’ first to end all speculation. Now if they release Z28 it will be icing on the cake.
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