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Originally Posted by edog View Post
I know. I had to back out at the last minute. I will not miss another if I can help it. I was part of the first C5Fest. It was memorable.

By the way, I love your Sig!
"memorable", that is an understatement.... what a great way that was to jump start Gen5 ownership!

with 10.5 months to pull in lots of folks and work the plan...this one will be...ridonkulous!

BTW, Camaro Spike is working a GA/SC convoy to possibly link up with the NC folks (Fayetteville folks from C5F I) and on up. Working an overnight like you did last time, where we all converge and then roll into C5F the follow day as a an uber-Camarovan would be heroic (and possibly Mad Max-esque....)!!

Im looking forward to it!

Semper Fi!
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