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Originally Posted by CaryE1 View Post
I took my door panels and instrument panels off last night, hoping for the same thing... I was able to change the ABL the doors the rings/DIC in the instrument panel to RED. And I had bought some extra LEDs for hoping to be able to do some switches, too. But, unfortunately, they use all different sorts of LEDs. So you can't just purchese a bundle. But the good news is that from what I have seen so far, it looks like most of the LEDs are pretty straightforward to change. So after a few more LED purchases, I'll have them all done.

Has anyone made a centralized list of all the different lights used in the different switches and components? I would like to be able to just do all of them at the same time without taking things apart multiple times...

BTW heres what I have done so far:

That looks awesome in red! So for your instrument panel, what LED's are we looking at?

Also, may I suggest that one of you gurus start a wiki page, so that everyone doesn't have to go through the hole thread. Cause this thread is gonna get long! I think you have to get in touch with one of the moderators to make that happen.

anglwngss: awesome list! This is on my todo list for sure!
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