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A Little Bump in my Trunk

I am by no means an expert and to be honest this was my first "real" trunk build - I've always had some bump in the trunk but usually it's just a simple box with the amp mounted to the back of it... considering how much I love my Camaro, I felt that she needed something a little more special..

I completely stripped the interior out and put 250sq ft of sound deadening - I covered EVERYTHING - after the sound deadening went 15 Sq Yds of Ensolite CCF - car is extremely quiet on the inside now which was my goal considering I have LTs/no cats/xpipe/muffler delete - the entire floor/roof/doors/rear/trunk/everything - was covered - no rattles anywhere (except the rear view mirror - which Im working on lol)

I have a ton of build pictures detailing the process that I'm going to post eventually but for now here's some shots of the finished product... the pictures were taken from my camera phone so with the plexi/LEDs some of the pictures look a little "off" but really came out great, and I'm pretty impressed considering all the work was done by me, in my garage...

Here's the Breakdown of the System:

Kicker 1/0 ga Wiring (Power/Ground)
Kicker Distrobution Blocks 1/0 :: 4ga
Stinger 14 ga Speaker Wire for Interior Speakers
Stinger 12 ga Speaker Wire for Subs
Monster Cable Low Noise RCAs (4ch and 2 ch)

Sound Deadening:
250 Sq Ft. Fatmat (80mil)
15 Sq Yds Ensolite Sound proofing

MB Quart Components (PVI216) 6.5" in the front doors
MB Quart 6x9s (PVI269) for Rear Fill
(2) 12" PowerBass DVC Subs (S124D)

Amps/Signal Processor
JL Audio 500.1v2
JL Audio 300.4v2
Audio Control LC6i

I used Steve's (********) speaker adapters for the front and rear speakers and modified the dual 12" box - other than that all fabrication was done by me...The amps have 3 fans blowing cool air across them with exhaust ports on the other side...

Anyone have any questions let me know!

More pics to follow!!

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