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Well if you want to start talking sounds i have alot to say. yes alot of people are right that amps will say 2000watts but really only 500 watts on a good day. now it all depends on what you want do you want clarity or ghetto base. now clarity i am talking rooling down the street with your windows up system cranked to 25 and you hear the lyrics and the base clearly. or you can go with just windows up and car rattiling and muffled sound. go check out now these two brands are insane. pricey but worth it. i only have one 12" hertz es 300 running off a 6.900 arc audio amp and at 4 ohms i am only putting out 155 watts rms and people can't belive how loud it is. i hit 127dbs and you can also hear the lyrics clearly. like a home theater with out a sub clear and i am running avi components for that. check it out. also check out for ordering any of the stuff
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