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Wink Please forgive me for reposting this but it seems appropriate..

My ZL1 won't be a daily driver for me, but when I do take it out, it will provide the best of both worlds, as it will have the best that current technology has to offer (and all of the creature comforts that old school muscle cars didn't have), and yet it will be able to evoke the feelings, if just for a moment, of the days of affordable GM muscle when performance was to readily available to any who walked into their local GM dealership. Very cool, indeed.

I'm glad that Chevrolet has offered us the opportunity to have one more chance to experience the vehicle of our dreams.[/QUOTE]

A dream not realized is a fantasy.....

So like you said....... pursue your dreams.

You see my GTO in the pic? My High School GTO. Had to give it up due to disability, finances, etc (mid 90's)..... It was part of me. My son, in pic, to this day and in his 30's wants to know "why" I "had" to sell it. Now, a few years (14) later, I am trying to fill that hole it left in my life and in some ways, my spirit. I won't go into a long story, but the ZL1 is the first car that has come along that made me dream the way I did when I got my GTO in 1967. And the nice thing about it is, my wife feels what it means to me too, so she's on board. So when you speak of the "spark" my friend, this old fart is feeling complete again.... and I don't even have it yet. But I will. Soon enough. There are times we encounter that we know are "special", and it is up to us to recognize that. Those who dreamt about the ZL1 and made it come true for us "know" what they have done. Thanks to them for doing this for us. And....Thanks for your story and may you and those you speak of be free to dream.

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