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Oh I saw your car at the Summit Racing Camaro Show!

Dude I know who you are now
My son and I went to the Camaro show and your car really stood out! I took a bunch of pix with my phone of all the cars there and every time I showed some one they always comment on how nice your car looks!
When we got there on Saturday, I believe it was, it just started to rain. It only sprinkled for a couple minutes and every one was wiping thier cars down afterwards lol.
I didn't actually pay the 10 bucks to be in the show so I parked on the other side of the store. There was no one around your car when I saw it. But the mod that stood out the most to me was your front turn signals. They looked killer. However the mod you have that I most want, besides the performance ones are the kickplates for the inside door panels! What an awesome idea! Where'd you get those? I am constantly scuffing that area up. Actually I put a deep gouge in that part of the door with my key the very first day i got my car so that piece would cover it quite nicely
Nice job making your car unique! You have done quite a bit of modding but your car still doesn't look over done like a lot of Camaros do
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