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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
Can't accuse them of favouritism? Its a subjective test. They based it around what 'felt' right, not what was faster. It doesn't get any easier for personal bias to dictate the results.
Oh well.
Sure it was subjective. That was the nature of the test. But the Mustang was up against some usually well reviewed cars. You could not base the true place of the Boss in the high performance spectrum from just one test. But so many tests have given the Boss rave reviews. I do not think the high rating was due to a Ford bias.

I suspect the Bosses handling is close to spot on. It looks like the ZL1 will clearly dust the Boss on the track. But can it match the Bosses handling feel? This is where most of the fun is.

I hope the Z28 is as good as the Boss. The current SS is a good handler at the track, even stock. But it is hard to tell from driving it.
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