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Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
I just checked my policy; I pay $41 every SIX months for COMPREHENSIVE coverage, so if I get say 15% off of that I could save a whopping $6.16 off my semi-annual premium or a $1.03 every month.

While it won't cost me a cent to call and I'll take every dime I can get from them, I was hoping to soften the financial burden of GM not including Bluetooth on a brand new 2009 Cadillac. Come on GM wake up, just because tax payers are going to bail you out you need products and content folks want. Enough with the shortcuts.
Sorry If i got your hopes up I was hoping it would be that way, I'll still will use it when I set the insurance up. I'll probably take away the towing since the car will come with roadside side service. Thats another dollar not much either It will give me a toal just over 3 off a month for me and maybe my rate will be lower with the new car discount also. The fourth gens were/are expensive to insure maybe the 5ths will be better. Anyhow good luck.

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