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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
I am still LMFAO about CC Performance response , sorry, but the cats out of the bag and the gloves are off...I haven't laughed this hard in a long time....and, I am almost in tears...<I'm from Jersey and I can't help it>
^ +3

The Mustang Boss is a good track car. Exceptional. But, just as the CTS-V would be to the ZL1 for comfort and luxury, The Boss would take you down to a "tin can" feel on the road when daily driven compared to a ZL1. That said, I submit for your review, to sit IN a Mustang at your local Ford dealer and tap your fingers sequentially on the roof as you sit in it and listen to the LOUD, as if on reverberation, Tapping sounds that make it to the cabin. RAIN does the same thing. It is a PAIN to try to enjoy the radio when its raining. It just makes me feel like I am in an auto that has been compromised in chincy ways. And, have you ever closed the door with a little slam and heard the window rocking around on the rails? I know, their drive train is done right, except for IRS. But the car probably lets you "feel/hear too much of the road" for everyday driving. Just my honest opinion.
Once the Z28 comes out (I hope)... it will be better than the Boss, but the Boss just is not as much of a car and looks too gawdy with all the TAPE saying LOOK AT ME, PLEASE. I know I should not have chimed in on this one... I have friends who have some HS buddies who have GT500, GT's, etc, and they just have that "lightness" feel in them and when they ask me how I like them, I have not been totally honest with them... cuz I didn't want to hurt thier feelings. Personally, I would NEVER buy one. I want overall quality, confidence my car is not going to start rattling in a couple years.

My brother has a 2004 Vette he has run the #*&T out of and I am amazed how it still has no rattles, squeeks, and is solid as a sledge hammer!!
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