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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
The Mustang has a much less rigid chassis (and probably less sound deadening from what your saying) and this allows it to be a lighter car. That being said those that complain about the weight of the Camaro don't realize this is the compromise for lightness.

Give me a more rigid chassis any day, but then again I'm not a quarter miler.
+1 on wanting the rigid chassis and agree with you on the Camaro having a more rigid one than the Mustang. But the Mustang is lighter I think because it is a smaller car. We can have lighter weight and a rigid chassis. Just have a look at the BMW 3 series. We however will not see a Z28 as light as the Boss if the Z28 is 5th gen based. Most likely the Z28 will be heavier than the SS.
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