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Originally Posted by toesuf94 View Post
Oh...that is hot as hell. So hot it deserves another look...

And folks...I don't think that is CGM...that is a different grey!!!
If looks could kill...we would all be dead right now ...., all I can say is Holy Mother Of God.., now that is a work of art!!!.. The color looks like the newly released 2012 Camaro color called Ashen Grey CLJ. Read about it further over on the SS board. Looks smashing, and I hope and pray we get some more pictures verrrrry quickly posted of it before the ordering opens on the 29th so we can pick the right color for the ZL1 in case we are on the fence between that and say IBM for example. The grille looks like the same one pictured recently on a yellow ZL1 at a show. It's perfect!!! This just keeps on getting better and better doesn't it?
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