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Here is another little tid bit of information if you don't want to get taken for a ride...

GM family/friends/supplier.... This is permitted on 99.9% of cars GM sells. In recent years when the Camaro was hot off the press, dealerships would tell unknowing customers "oh sorry, GM doesn't allow family/supplier discounts on the Camaro". This is a 100% LIE. It's up to the dealer if they CHOOSE to honor the discount. Only cars recently that GM disallows the discounts on were the ZR1 and CTS-V but I bet that's lifted now. GM may disallow the discount on the ZL1 at first but you can make your dealer show you proof. They (dealer) aren't obligated to honor the discount but they ARE OBLIGATED to be honest with you.

I will find out from my dealer the skinny on it as soon as he knows...
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