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Originally Posted by pointer lover View Post
what other GM cars have this color on them i ordered it just want to see the color it b4 it arrives and oh yea show the wife the color
I had an '07 Cobalt SS Coupe in a color called Sport Red Tintcoat,(it was available on '08's as well, I am not sure about the '09's) which to my eyes is identical to RJT on the Camaro SS I saw at the Cleveland Auto Show . That color cost $295 extra on the Cobalt, just as RJT is extra on the Camaro. If they are not the same color, they are awfully close. It looks like a burgundy almost in cloudy weather but the sunlight really makes it look like a metallic Ruby red. Actually, I liked the color enough that I would have ordered my Camaro in RJT but, I really liked the ABM so, that is what I ordered.
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