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25) Pic 25 shows two push pins needing removed on the air bag sensor pad. You should have already unclipped this from the module. If not, do it now. It's a film with what looks like bubble wrap sandwiched inside, but in effect is a flexible circuit board it seems. Lift and set aside.

26) Pic 26 shows the clips needing bent up slightly to be able to remove and reuse the bottom seat spring. Just bend them up slightly and it'll come right out. If you hadn't loosened the old harness from the spring, you need to do that. Also, while you're on top here, you can get to the lock to unplug that mystery switch that was nearby the seat belt wire connector. While you're here, take a phillips screwdriver and remove the air bag module bracket from the front top of the seat bottom.

27) Pic 27 is on the new seat bottom frame. Install the bracket with the three saved screws from the old bracket.

28) You can start going in reverse order now. Install the old seat bottom spring set in the grooves. Bend the grooves down to secure the spring front. It just lays across the back bar.

29) Lay the air bag sensor pad back on top and push in the push pins in the front.
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